March 13th, 2009


Staircase race

This morning I knew I had to go outside and get some aerobic exercise; I'd been holed up in the apartment for two days and hadn't run for over a week. Being in a competitive mood, I challenged boyziggy to see who could do the most laps of the 168 (uneven, cracked) stairs near our place in 20 minutes. He was up for the challenge. I assured him that I would beat his ass, as I'd done this workout before and he hadn't, and his quads were still sore from the laser tag tournament.

I started the stopwatch and he began running up the stairs. I jogged briefly but soon slowed to a walk, figuring Ziggy would tire quickly. But halfway through he was still bouncing up the steps two at a time. He was only a half-lap in front of me though, so I thought I might still catch up. Sadly, at 20 minutes I crested the top for the 8th time and he was about 2/3 of the way down the flight already. Still, that's half a lap more than I managed the last time I did this workout! Took me awhile to catch my breath afterward; good workout.

Ziggy: 1, Julie: 0. Rematch next week.