March 22nd, 2009



Friday night: Watched and photographed my friend/former co-worker Al perform with Phantom City at the Bazaar Café. This was a paid shoot, which was especially nice as I was able to do it on short (one day's) notice. boyziggy also helped out by recording audio. I'll post a link to the pix once the band has a chance to look at them. Also worked with Ziggy on my business cards, added UCSF catalog shots to my portfolio, and updated my MySpace profile.

Saturday: Bass lesson, with special guest Jim Peterson on saxophone. I'm happy and relieved we got to run through my full set with all three performers before the show. I have one more lesson to do any further fine-tuning (so to speak). Later Saturday I hung out with jeremyrandall. I was hoping to see the Hi-Nobles at Bender's later that evening, but was too tired; stayed home with Ziggy, processed photos, and watched more Hell's Kitchen reruns instead.

Sunday: Ziggy and I went to Oakland late morning to visit Charles and Tony (my best man and usher from our wedding). Enjoyed seeing their house finally, and had a great lunch at New World Vegetarian. Then we went to my friend/former co-worker Jason's studio in West Oakland to rehearse with the band Two Fifths. Rehearsal went reasonably well. I feel pretty confident with the music at this point. Have one more rehearsal with Steve before the show.