April 19th, 2009

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Make Love and War: Poly lasertag success!

I'm so proud of boyziggy. In less than four weeks he managed to pull off the Make Love and War poly-friendly lasertag picnic in Golden Gate Park. We had over 60 attendees (though not more than 50 at a time). Everyone seemed to have a good time shooting each other, socializing, and eating yummy potluck food in the beautiful grove.

teh_munchkin picked Ziggy and I up at 10 and we schlepped lots of heavy stuff to the park, as did inki who also helped promote the event. mikz and others also helped with setup and cleanup. Other friends who came included inflectionpoint, saizai, jeremyrandall, Matt, brian1789, cyan_blue, elphie, vokzal, plymouth, and a whole team from the San Francisco Mime Troupe. We didn't leave the park until after 7 p.m., and with dinner at Sparky's afterward, it was a very, very long day.

Ziggy definitely wants to do this again, hopefully on a regular basis. I was surprised how much interest there was in the event, especially given the poly theme (though monogamous people were welcome to and did attend). We put up tons of bright yellow-and-black signs around the area, mostly for safety so people didn't think we were using real guns, but they also intrigued passers-by who asked about the event. We have lots of ideas to improve the web site and gaming process for next time.

I'll get photos up in the next couple of days...