April 21st, 2009


Done losing weight, for now

My weight has hovered around 132 pounds for the last month. While this is seven pounds shy of my goal, and I'm confident I could still get there if I were to start jogging regularly again, I've decided I'm no longer going to actively try to lose weight or monitor my weight daily. My weight is well within the acceptable healthy range for my height (5' 4"), I have established good eating habits, and I am still doing brisk walking and stretches/crunches on a regular basis. So I'm going to stop obsessing over my waistline for awhile and concentrate on more pressing matters, like my career.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying some of the (shallow?) fringe benefits of my slimmer figure. Like getting quite a few looks when out walking in my short shorts and low-cut T-shirt yesterday (hey, it was really hot out). And having guys spontaneously pick me up (literally) and carry me without groaning or throwing their backs out in the process.