April 23rd, 2009


Recent concerts

I've been shooting photos at more concerts lately, which is a good thing.

On April 8 I shot five bands at Blue Bear Presents at the Red Devil Lounge. Four were bands comprised of students or former students of Blue Bear, some of whom I've performed with myself. The closing set was The Hormones, an all-female tribute to The Ramones. They were a lot of fun to watch, and my favorite kind of band to shoot; highly energetic.

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Yesterday I visited my former employer, the UCSF Library, to shoot Austin Willacy who was giving a free noon concert. I'd seen him several times with The House Jacks, but never solo. His voice was great and he played guitar as well; first time I'd seen him play an instrument since the House Jacks is an a capella group. The light was very challenging as the performer was backlit, but I managed. (I think this is a rare instance where I should have considered using a flash.)

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I've got another Blue Bear Presents shoot coming up at the Red Devil next Friday, May 1. The Super Adventure Club is wacky band which I recommend seeing. I'm also going to see Palace Family Steakhouse, featuring my wacky friend/former co-worker Rich Trott, at the Hemlock Tavern this Sunday, though I'm not planning to shoot them this time.