May 11th, 2009

windy tank top seductive


Saw the Parson Red Heads Saturday night with boyziggy, Mike F and mike20 at Hemlock Tavern. Third time I'd seen this LA-based band perform in SF, and they were still great. I chatted with the lead singer and thanked him for sending me the lyrics to "Out to Sea" which Ziggy and I performed in our Blue Bear concert. They didn't do that one this time, but did perform the beautiful "Time is Running Out", which is unreleased. I think I've figured out the bass line though - at home at 1 a.m. after the concert - and have e-mailed to ask for the lyrics so that I can sing along to it. The opening band, Excuses for Skipping, was also quite good, and Ziggy bought one of their CDs.

Today I had a photo shoot with a friend; hope to post some of the pix soon. Made yummy vegan brownies, then practiced bass while watching the finale of Celebrity Apprentice (three-hour waste of time). Have my first rehearsal Tuesday night with the cover band that recruited me after my Café du Nord show. I've written out and practiced the half-dozen songs in their demo set, but am still nervous. Wish me luck!

Fixed camera plus bonus jacket!

Julie jacket

So vokzal was over visiting with boyziggy the other day, and I mentioned offhand how I'd been wanting to get a denim jacket, but Ziggy had made fun of me for that as he says they went out of fashion in the 80s. I had shopped at Old Navy and H&M but not found anything suitable. vokzal suggested I try secondhand stores instead.

So on the way to pick up my repaired camera from our mailbox today, I stopped by Town School Clothes Closet which I'd walked by a thousand times but never visited. Within minutes I found several denim jackets, but the prices seemed high for secondhand clothing. Then I overheard the cashier announcing to incoming customers that everything was 50% off. I walked out with a perfect jacket for $17.50.

Upon arriving home I confirmed that my camera was now in working order (Canon replaced the shutter, cleaned the sensor and mirror, and updated the firmware too, yay), and being the self-portrait whore that I am, propped up a full-length mirror (as I was too lazy to set up the tripod) and fired off a few shots. Hope you like. If you don't, I should have more interesting photos of me posted in a week or so. (And my new camera arrives Wednesday, so these shots may be some of the last I post from the 40D for awhile...)