May 15th, 2009


Today's accomplishments

Fitness: Good. Did all stretches and crunches despite being tired and sore from yesterday's exertion. Also about 40 minutes of light walking (to/from Metreon with boyziggy). Felt good about fitting into size 6 jeans, for the first time in nearly ten years (though women's clothing sizes have probably gotten larger since then).

Business: Fair. Started reading Understanding Shutter Speed by Bryan Peterson (after getting a lot of out his book Understanding Exposure), and did some experimentation with panning and quasi-artsy shots of wall textures (to be edited and posted eventually).

Music: Fair-good. Transcribed, transposed, and began practicing (on bass and vocals) a new song, "Heaven" from the Talking Heads' Fear of Music. Also sang a lot in the shower. :-P

Domestic: Poor. Ate out for lunch and dinner, did no cooking, cleaning, or organizing to speak of.