May 19th, 2009


Today's run

Decided to try something a little different for my normal Tuesday run to Aquatic Park. Instead of crawling up the super-steep Hyde Street hill, after reaching the foot of the pier I jogged slowly up the less-steep McDowell Road, and then returned home the same way I usually walk from my bass lessons at Fort Mason: through the meadow and out to Van Ness, choosing a random street (I think it was Greenwich this time) to turn on to Polk, then onto Pacific, and in this case slowing to a walk a couple of blocks from home for my cool-down.

The route ended up being almost exactly three miles, and I ran it in 40'30" for a pace of 13.5 min/mile. Not great, but there were a number of hills and stops at traffic lights. I miss running on the pier, but this is safer and avoids the agony of that steep hill, while still challenging me with several more gradual climbs.
windy tank top seductive

Nude with bass

One carefully cropped shot from a recent photo shoot with davidhanddotnet. No visible bits but probably NSFW. You'll need to have your Yahoo/Flickr settings on "moderate" to see it.

I have lots more from that and other shoots which I'll post if there's interest, though not all publicly. Comment here or send me an e-mail if you'd like to see more.

Today's accomplishments

OK, so maybe nude and semi-nude photos of me aren't as enticing as I thought they might be, so I'll go back to my mundane daily wrap-up:

Fitness: Very good; ran 40 minutes with hills, did stretches. Haven't done crunches yet, will try to do so before bedtime.

Business: Good; registered equipment, followed up on client e-mails, worked on new business card layout, investigated insurance and online backup options.

Music: Good; working on Bach two-part invention now, though I'd really rather be working on pop music, to be honest.

Domestic: Good; did some cleaning, meal planning, and cooking, have three pots of beans simmering on the stove right now.

OK going to turn the monitors off after I post this so I can get back to practicing that Bach piece. I am also finding Twitter and Facebook too distracting to my productivity, and may be paying less attention to those updates for the time being.