May 20th, 2009


Today's run

Headed down to the Embarcadero just after 10 a.m. Sunny and near 60 degrees so I wore a T-shirt and shorts. There were so many people out and about in Chinatown that I double-checked the date to confirm that it was a weekday morning.

Launched off at the Ferry Building toward North Point, keeping the pace under control. Felt stronger as I ran. Halfway through I peeled off my shirt, glad I'd donned a more colorful sports bra than usual. Made a wide turn at the Willie Mays statue and thundered back toward the Bay Bridge. The finish came up faster than I expected. Looked at my watch: 57 minutes, for an 11.4 min/mile pace, my best so far for this course. Not as fast as my Lake Merritt running days, but definitely a noticeable improvement.

Caught the cable car home, phoned boyziggy and was delighted to have breakfast of tea and cinnamon-apple oatmeal waiting for me. His love and support means everything to me.

Running is so much easier without those extra pounds of flab. Though now I want to buy a whole new wardrobe, and can't afford to :-( Even my underwear are falling off me!
running 2009

Bay to Breakers finisher certificate

See, I knew I got in the top 10,000. I don't care what the Examiner said. *grumble*

Edit: OK, so apparently the reason I didn't get in the Examiner is that a lot of people finished at the same times, but still got individual places assigned in that listing, as I can see from the above link. So next year I'll have to make sure to finish at least 10 minutes faster as extra insurance I guess.

running 2009

Bay to Breakers official photo proofs

So the proofs for Bay to Breakers were published by Sport Photo today. Mine are here. It's been nearly ten years since I ordered a race photo, so I figured prices would go up a bit, but digital downloads would be available at a lower price to compensate. So imagine my surprise that if I want a single image download it will cost me a whopping $35. I can get downloads of all of my images for $55, but I don't want or need all of them.

Frankly, the best deal for me, if I order any at all, seems to be the three-image collage print for $25. But I want to wait to see if they're still going to post the posed finish-line photos first, because I did pose for one and I don't see it up yet.

Clearly, I'm in the wrong market for making money with my business; I should be a sports photographer! (I know, it's not really that simple...)