May 21st, 2009


Yesterday's accomplishments

Fitness: Excellent; Ran for an hour and set a PR for the Embarcadero course, did almost all stretches and crunches, walked to bass lesson and partway home (took bus partway as my knee was hurting).

Business: Good; Talked with clients about upcoming exhibit and event shoots, finalized selections for exhibit.

Music: Good; Had a good bass lesson, got through the Bach invention and played Steve's solo etude the best to date, and worked on several pop songs. Steve said I need to work on singing more accurate rhythms. I said I was improvising; he said I was being lazy, and need to know the song as written before I can improvise. Fair enough.

Domestic: Poor; Helped out a tiny bit with cleaning and cooking, but with the fatigue and knee pain from the run too tired to do anything else. boyziggy was a big help here but I need to step up as he's getting much busier at work.