June 30th, 2009


SoFoBoMo book project: Finished!!

OK, it took 46 days rather than the allotted 31 due to procrastination and illness, but I finished my "Walls to Walls" photo book! You can download a very low-res PDF proof, which includes everything except the front and back covers, from my SoFoBoMo page. I'll set pricing and activate ordering from Blurb once I get my proof copy to make sure it looks OK, which will give me time to do a web site tie-in as well. (If people like this concept I want to offer prints, postcards, etc.)

Thanks to joedecker and nisaa for notifying me about SoFoBoMo and inspiring me to finish. (nisaa, I have downloaded your book and plan to read it ASAP!) And thanks to davidhanddotnet for taking the photo of me used on the "About" page.

Pride recap

On Sunday I marched with the bisexual contingent in the San Francisco Pride Parade for the second year in a row. I had planned to mingle with both the bi and poly contingents, but when inki asked for volunteers to dance on the float and I inquired about that, he said I'd have to commit to staying on the truck for the entire parade, for safety reasons.

And so I did! I danced to some great live music provided by several drummers and a talented soprano sax player. It was sometimes a little tricky to keep my balance, but not too difficult, and a lot of fun. I felt sexy and confident dancing in my bikini in front of thousands of people!

Despite bringing my good camera, I don't think I got as many good photos as I did last year, but here they are. Last year's are still available too.

Since I was on the float for so long, I didn't socialize as much as I would have liked, but I did enjoy seeing a number of friends. After the parade, mikz and I went over to the Faerie Freedom Village which his roommate was hosting, then to his place to shower and change before heading to an after-party. boyziggy joined us there later, and we had a good time.