August 26th, 2009

running 2009

Misc running news and thoughts

I ran about 18 miles last week and six so far this week, including two runs at Ocean Beach. Loved watching the little shorebirds run away from the incoming tide as fast as their little legs would carry them, then right back to hunt for dinner. Great change of scenery, and nice to know that I can run in the late afternoon successfully (I usually run first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to avoid cramping).

For inspiration, I'm currently listening to the audiobook Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. I was planning to check it out of the library but it was unavailable, then I saw that I could download the audio version in MP3 format with a license to play for 21 days (renewable). Sweet! And it plays on my Android too; no need for the iPod.

After getting up later and later, and skipping many runs as a consequence, I forced myself to get up at 7 a.m. today. Running earlier in the morning was much more pleasant as there were fewer people out, as I remembered from when I had to run early before getting ready for work. I'm almost always fine once I'm outside for a little while, it's just getting out of bed that's tough.

I'm planning to run a 5K in Golden Gate Park with the Dolphin South End Runners this Sunday, and I've registered for the Bridge to Bridge 12K in October (I last ran the 7K of that race in 2005).

I love running through Aquatic Park. The last two times going past there, I saw a sign that said aggressive seals and sea lions had been harassing swimmers, and I thought, cool! Sure enough I saw some brown heads bobbing in the water, which I'd never seen in that part of the Bay before. Seals 1, Swimmers 0.

I also love running up McDowell Road. There's a bike rental shop just before Aquatic Park, and I enjoy seeing lots of tourists go by on their rented bikes, talking with their various languages and accents. Then they come to the hill and often give up and walk, while I run slowly past them. As a slow back-of-the-pack runner, this is the one moment that I can feel smug. (Though I'm sure I'd have trouble biking up that hill myself!)

Finally, I have a new route that takes me to the Palace of Fine Arts and back, about a six-mile round trip. I enjoy seeing the swans and other birds, and I get some of the benefit of running on a wide, asphalt path without having to commit to going all the way through Crissy Field. I plan to do this route about once a week, and hopefully improve my time, as it's currently taking well over an hour.