September 9th, 2009

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I guess the weight loss really is showing...

I just made my first hair salon visit since quitting my day job last October. I'd been dying it at home in the interim, but after 11 months figured I could afford the luxury of a professional touch-up and trim. Even though I didn't change the color or style, I took my usual "after" photo:

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Then out of curiosity I went back to the shot boyziggy took of me after I first had my hair color changed back to black at that salon visit last October:

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Is it just me or does my face actually look noticeably thinner? Am I finally getting rid of my double chin? It's always been the last thing to go. I have lost fifteen pounds since November, which isn't a huge amount, but a substantial portion of my body weight I suppose since I'm down to 130 lbs from 145. Not trying to be overly vain, just sincerely curious...