September 11th, 2009



- Ran another 5K race on Sunday. Still waiting for official results, but I appeared to beat my time from the previous week, which is pretty cool considering that a) I ran 2 miles to the start of the race and b) it was much warmer out than the previous week.

- Updated Funcrunch Photo with recent concerts and events: Petaluma Festival, Spider Garage, lasertag tournament.

- Updated SFLasertag site (for boyziggy) with results from the Labor Day tournament, and links to participant survey and photos.

- Bought a Genz Benz bass amp on Steve's friend's recommendation. Put it on a wheelie and dragged home (roughly) 1/2 mile from mailbox, then (roughly) 1 1/2 miles to rehearsal just to make sure that I could haul it around without a car. Only weighs 18 pounds, but gives out a big sound.

- Shooting two Blue Bear events this Saturday: Destination Fort Mason (free) and a benefit show in Mill Valley (not free, but sold out anyway).

- My Dad's visiting on Sunday.