October 14th, 2009

playing bass

Video clips from my latest concert

On September 21 I played bass and sang backup for the band Geisha Mishap at Café du Nord. This band workshop was my ninth at Blue Bear (second as a bass player, fourth with my teacher and friend Steve Kirk), and my favorite group that I've worked with to date. I hope to continue to jam with these guys in the future.

I'm trying out Facebook for hosting videos this time around. Hopefully these embeds will work on my journal. Facebook doesn't seem to allow me to organize the videos in groups or albums unfortunately. If you're friends with me on Facebook it might be easier to just go to my profile on there and look at the Video tab.

Extra bonus points if you guess correctly which of the songs below was my pick (doesn't count if I've told you already). Thanks to those who came to cheer me on!

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