November 12th, 2009

windy tank top seductive


For the last few months I've been handing out a business card for Funcrunch Photo that has a selection of my best concert photography shots (including several from this set) on one side, and this self-portrait alongside my contact information on the reverse:

Short shorts

I've gotten a lot of feedback on that picture, most of it welcome. But since I decided to put it on my business card, some of the responses have been borderline inappropriate, and some friends I've talked to about it think the shot might be too risqué for the purpose of attracting event photography clients. I don't really agree; I'm fully clothed, and not posed provocatively. When I hand people the card, if and when they flip it over to the contact side, I always say "that's a self-portrait". My point is that I'm not just showing off my body, I'm showing off my photography skills. I do primarily take photos of people, after all, particularly people who want to look especially good because they're performing or getting married, etc.

Still, when I need to re-order business cards, I'm considering replacing that photo with a more business-like headshot of me holding a camera. I'd really prefer to leave the one that's on there now though. Your thoughts?