March 9th, 2010

playing bass

It's Gonna Get Better

Tonight, listening to the self-titled album of one of my all-time favorite bands, Genesis, the last song came up with these lyrics:

Reach out, hands in the air,
Don't care just what they're saying
Hold out, just keep on hoping against hope
That it's gonna get better
Don't worry, there's no hurry for you, for me,
Everything's gonna come around
Shout out, someone will listen to you, to me,
Someone's gonna see

Seems like good advice for my life right now. I got out my bass for the first time in days and started playing along.
playing bass

It's Gonna Get Better, part two

After I typed up the previous entry I went back to listening and playing along to Genesis' It's Gonna Get Better. I got into a good groove on the main bass riff, and just closed my eyes and let Tony Banks' hypnotic keyboard parts wash over me while I played.

In deference to the neighbors as it was past 1:30 a.m., I played with my headphones on. As the song ended I let the bass ring out on the last note, D. I played it in three different places on the instrument, fingered and open strings, then stopped and heard the beautiful tone of the instrument more clearly than ever before.

This is good.