March 23rd, 2010

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Technology fail

A few months ago I wanted to check out a book from the library, which I hadn't visited in awhile. I went to the library web site to find out if it was available, and found that there was an audiobook version that I could download and listen to immediately! It was in MP3 format and played fine in iTunes, on my iPod, and on my Android. I was a Happy Camper.

Cut to last week or so. I was listening to a podcast and during their Audible ad (one of their regular sponsors), a book was mentioned that sounded interesting. I was delighted to see that it was also available for free download from the library. But I was unable to login to the site, and eventually found that my card had expired.

Today I finally got around to going to the library in person to renew my card. Upon coming home I excitedly downloaded the book, only to find that it was in protected WMA format and I had to download a special application just to play it. The application came in Mac, Windows, and Android versions. I tried the Mac version first. It said it couldn't play protected files. Then the Windows version, on Windows 7 running under Parallels. It worked fine, but when I wanted to transfer the file to my iPod, I found that wouldn't work unless my iPod were Windows-formatted. I tried mounting my Android in Windows, but the application refused to acknowledge it.

Next I went to the Android Marketplace to download that version. I never even got beyond the description, as from the comments it was clear the app only supported MP3 files. I Googled and found some info indicating that older Androids had native WMA support, so I tried mounting the Android and dragging the files onto it. Opened the Music app, and could not find them anywhere.

Sooooo to avoid further pain I will have to listen to this file while setting at my desk or laptop running Windows on my Mac. I should have just checked out the bloody book in the first place...
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