May 29th, 2010


An all-purpose update

I haven't done a real post in forever. This post will be a brain dump/bookmarks of subjects to be elaborated upon later (hopefully). Follow me on Facebook if you want more real-time updates (visible to friends of friends only, I think, until they alter their privacy policy yet again).

- Today I am shooting a wedding for the beautiful savorie and handsome djdigit! I shot engagement photos for them a few weeks ago and they were happy enough with them to hire me for the wedding, which makes me very happy as well.

- I've finally gotten fed up with SmugMug's frequent downtimes, and am in the process of migrating all of my pro photos to Zenfolio, which also has a nicer interface, more features, and is cheaper to boot. If you'd like to check them out, my referral code is DUQ-C5J-MB8.

- I'm making a lot of changes to my main Funcrunchphoto site to improve the appearance and navigation and (hopefully) prevent broken links in case of host migrations like the one above.

- I'm now using Ubuntu as my primary desktop operating system, running on my Mac under Parallels. This switch really deserves a full series of posts of its own, but in short, I absolutely love this version of Linux, and am using it for virtually everything except photo and video editing currently.

- After another several-month layoff, I am starting to run and race again. I ran Bay to Breakers, and immediately thereafter signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon. The entry fee for the latter is quite high, so I would be most grateful to get some sponsors for my cause, Youth Run4Fun; if I raise at least $250, my race entry fee will be refunded. Also, I would still love to get some friends to join me for the (much cheaper!) Dolphin South-End Runners races.

- I've fully recovered from my scary seizure, and am off all medication (for now, at least).

- I have a new Yamaha CP-300 digital piano courtesy of my wonderful Mom, and love it. I serenaded her with an impromptu Mother's Day recital of old Elton John tunes; highlights here on YouTube. I start piano lessons with Ken Muir this week; he previously accompanied me in my last vocal recital at the Octavia Lounge with Vicki Burns. I'm continuing to play the bass as well, but have lessons on hold for now.

- boyziggy's laser tag venture continues to grow and delight. I am happy and proud to support him. He is also performing wonderfully well in his job as audio engineer at the SF Opera.

- My social life is good; I have a happy balance of friends, friends-with-benefits, and others.