June 3rd, 2010


New vs old phone tech

I was just lamenting that the HTC phone that I received at last May's Google I/O conference still runs Android OS v. 1.5, so I can't run all the nifty 2.x apps yet.

Then I remembered that I got the corded Panasonic phone sitting on my desk back in 1988. It still works. And doesn't require electricity or batteries (except for the speed-dial, which I no longer use).

Yeah, it doesn't fit in my pocket, or play Yahtzee, or track my runs with GPS. But... hmm, I thought I had a point somewhere...
running 2009

Today's workout

Today's workout: 4.5 mile walk. Intended to be a brisk walk, but took well over an hour due to many traffic light stops (plus brief stop at an ATM). Average moving speed was actually 5.2 mph according to MyTracks.

Stretched while waiting for bus home; will do crunches tonight. (Stretched but skipped crunches last night, tsk.)

Edit: Today's weight - 140 lbs.