June 8th, 2010

running 2009

Race report, and future plans

On Sunday I ran the DSE Polo Field 5K in Golden Gate Park. I'm happy to be back to participating in Dolphin South End Runners events after another several-month absence. Getting up early on a Sunday,then walking 20 min to catch a bus for a 30 min ride was not great fun. But the day was overcast and 55 degrees, optimal running weather.

A one-mile race was scheduled before the 5K. I watched and enjoyed cheering on the runners, including the winner who powered in at 4:59 - awesome. A good number of the milers turned right around and ran the 5K race directly afterward; impressive.

The course had just enough of a slight incline that I was tired and suffering by halfway through. But I got my second wind, and finished in 36:25 - far from my best time for a 5K, but at least I did it. Had a nice walk by Spreckels Lake on the way to catch a bus home.

This Thursday evening I'll be running in the first of the Lake Merced series (4.5 mile loop). Then on Sunday I'll be volunteering for the first time, at the finish line for the Twin Peaks 4M. (Still wishing I could convince some friends to participate in more races with me... sigh...)

Haven't been keeping up with my stretches and crunches, and have been very tired most days; need to adjust sleep schedule and diet somewhat.