November 27th, 2010


One Click Lag Fix for Samsung Vibrant

When I got my new T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant phone in July, I really wanted to love it. It was sleek and sexy and the screen was beautiful. But the phone lagged so much and so often that it was becoming virtually unusable.

I read about a highly-regarded One Click Lag Fix* app, but was nervous about trying it as it required rooting the phone. Plus, I had some problems getting the phone into recovery mode to root it. But today I was finally frustrated enough with the lag to try again, and successfully root the phone and apply the fix. I didn't brick it and it seems snappy so far, though a lot more testing will be required. I just wanted to do this quick write-up to address some issues that other frustrated Vibrant users may encounter, so they can hopefully Google this information for help like I did.

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I hope this writeup was helpful to someone, though more likely a Vibrant user Googling for this info than any of my friends regularly reading this journal. The Vibrant is really a wonderful phone when it works correctly, and I'm hoping the Froyo 2.2 update will fix this lag once and for all when it finally comes out (looking like not till after New Year's at this point).

Update December 29: Phone still works fine; not incredibly snappy but not laggy either. Still waiting for Froyo (or, at this point, Gingerbread) for a permanent fix, hopefully.

* This app, though easy enough to use, is absolutely not "One Click".