January 12th, 2011

playing bass

Save the date: Performing with Ziggy on February 28

I've signed up for yet another Blue Bear workshop, this time as a bass player. boyziggy will be playing keyboard, and I might be doing backing vocals as well. This year Blue Bear is doing shorter, 8-week sessions with the performance date pre-scheduled, so we'll be playing Café du Nord the evening of Monday, February 28. Specific time slot to be determined.

The last time Ziggy and I performed in a Blue Bear band together was nearly two years ago. Here are videos of the show. I'd only been playing bass for about 10 months at that time.
rock singing

Save another date: Singing on March 2

So I was taking a bass lesson at Blue Bear tonight when I suddenly got drafted into another rock workshop, as their only singer quit just before the first rehearsal. Kind of crazy to do two workshops at once, but I didn't want to turn down another chance to front a band, and I got a discount for filling in at the last minute.

So you'll now have two chances to see me perform at Café du Nord this winter: playing bass on February 28, and singing on March 2. Exact showtimes to be determined.