September 25th, 2012

wedding kiss

Happy anniversary Ziggy

Today marks eight years of marriage to my loving husband boyziggy. We met in 2001 when Ziggy answered my personal ad on Craigslist. We soon discovered we lived four blocks apart in Berkeley. Our first date was one week before 9/11. I moved into his place within a year, then a year later we moved to San Francisco, then a few months after that he proposed. We were married the following year in Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate Park.

We've had some rocky times, but I can't imagine a better person to live with. We share such important values. We are soulmates for life. Love you Ziggy!

Couple at Buena Vista hot springs
Studio headshot

Nude portrait session

This summer I came up with the idea of doing a nude portrait session both to document my fitness progress and to create anniversary gifts for boyziggy (8th wedding anniversary today) and Ben (1 year dating anniversary yesterday). I arranged with my friend and fellow concert photographer Neil Motteram, aka Mr. Dodgy, to come to his studio in late August. I hired a makeup artist he recommended, Christine, but asked for very light makeup, and a light oil spray over my body to resemble sweat. My concept was to emphasize my growing athleticism; I took inspiration from the ESPN "Bodies We Want" photo galleries of athletes for several of the poses.

While most of the photos are NSFW, we did produce a couple of images that I could share more widely. These ended up being the prints I had made for boyziggy and Ben:

Mr. Dodgy studio session

I'll cut-tag this next one just to be safe, even though there are no bits visible:

Collapse )

I put the rest of the photos on Flickr, along with a couple of nude self-portraits from earlier this year, and a nude photo montage with Ben. Here's the set on Flickr. Note that you need to be logged into Flickr/Yahoo and have your safety filters set appropriately to see most of the shots as they are set to "moderate" content level. Contains full frontal nudity, but of the artistic variety. Enjoy...