December 29th, 2012

lego silly

Year in review - 2012

Not expecting anything Earth-shattering to happen in the next couple of days, so might as well write my annual year-end summary now. I'll follow the same format as the previous two years.


After three and a half years of trying to run a freelance photography business, I finally admitted that my personality was very ill-suited to a career in that industry. I formally suspended operations on August 1. While I've taken no client gigs since then, I've continued to license images through my web site and the Alamy stock agency.

That same month, I began volunteering at The Free Farm and The Free Farm Stand, both of which I learned about through my existing volunteer work with Food Not Bombs. I will continue to do volunteer work exclusively for the time being, as boyziggy and I are debt-free and have determined that we can live comfortably on his income.


I performed live several occasions this year - singing, playing bass, and/or playing piano - at Blue Bear workshops, an artists' salon, and Ziggy's 40th birthday party. After two more attempts at forming or joining a "real" band failed due to personality and scheduling conflicts, I have basically given up on that effort. I hope to continue to perform with my sweetie Ben and our friends at their salon, and Ben and I are planning to learn several songs from the Beck Song Reader he gifted me. I'm also working on arranging a full set of Nick Drake for solo bass/voice; two down so far.


A+ in this category. I stuck with my healthy lowfat vegan diet style, albeit with some indulgences (high in fat and sugar but still vegan, with only one exception) at times during the year. No health problems other than some lingering depression and occasional bouts of fatigue. Began the year at 125 lbs (BMI 21.5) with a 32 inch waist, ending at about 115 lbs (BMI 19.7) and a 26.5 inch waist. The reduction in waist circumference (which I'm measuring at the navel) is much more significant to me than the weight loss, as it's a good indicator I have reduced my amount of body fat, not merely lost water weight or, worse, lean muscle mass. My waist-to-height ratio, which some consider a more useful indicator of health than BMI, is about .41, which is (apparently) "extremely slim".

I'm definitely not looking to lose any more weight; 125 was already healthy as far as I'm concerned, and at 115 I now have a pretty slim safety margin before I risk becoming truly underweight. Plus, with the reduced body fat, I'm freezing all the time! I aim to keep my weight between 115 and 120 lbs.

Fitness-wise, I really ramped things up in June; the majority of my logged running miles (will be over 870 by year-end) and all of my weight loss came from June onwards. I was doing running, stair-climbing, and weights regularly for a couple of months, but in August dropped the stair-climbing and weights after starting volunteer work which was somewhat physically demanding. I then added yoga, and have been taking classes once or twice a week, with additional practice at home. I competed in 13 races this year, meeting my long-time goal of a 30 minute 5K at last.


Nothing remarkable here, good or bad. Ben and I are still dating. I went back on OKCupid in December to try to find more physically active friends to spend time with as well.

Looking forward

Other than fitness, I didn't do a great job of accomplishing the goals (not resolutions) I set out last year: "Making music every day, working out on a regular basis, and (re-)learning Spanish." So I'm renewing those, and adding a big one: Getting rid of at least one third of my stuff. I'm tired of living in a pig sty. Yet I'm completely overwhelmed even at the thought of this task. I even hired a friend to help me with it at one point, but I stalled out long before finishing. Regardless, it simply has to happen.