October 29th, 2013

running 2009

Fitness update

I've decided to drop Sunday's half marathon and focus on building my fitness level back up safely. I worked with boyziggy on creating workout schedules for the next month. I'm going back to creating and printing these monthly plans (using the excellent site RunningAHEAD) and posting them on the bathroom wall for motivation. Ziggy is taking on an ambitious schedule of cycling, running, swimming, stair climbing, and yoga. I'll be joining Ziggy on the running, stair climbing, and yoga, and adding weight training back in for myself, along with additional solo running and yoga.

While weight loss is no longer a concern for me, I'll be continuing to monitor my weight and waist circumference weekly and have encouraged Ziggy to do the same. My average (both mean and median) weight over the last 12 months was 116 lbs, 19.9 BMI. I plotted a trendline which was slightly upward for that time period, which is to be expected considering the serious drop-off in training since June. Plus I dipped down to a low of 113 pounds (19.4 BMI) on a couple of occasions early in the year, which is too low for me to maintain comfortably. I haven't kept track of my waist size as meticulously, but it's remained roughly in the 26-27 inch range (measured at the navel).

I'm really proud of Ziggy for his commitment to getting in shape, and we're both excited to have each other as workout partners.