December 31st, 2014


Year in review - 2014

Starting on testosterone therapy and subsequently getting a legal change of name and gender were my most important events of 2014 (and indeed, probably of my life to date). As for the rest, I'll follow the same format I've used in previous year-end summaries.


I decided this year (with the support and agreement of boyziggy) to devote my life to volunteer work in food justice, and not return to paid employment. Accordingly, I increased my volunteer duties at the Free Farm Stand, taking over the responsibility for leading setup on Sunday mornings, creating and hosting a vegan information table, and beginning to contribute to the blog on our web site. I also began volunteering at the nearby All In Common Garden and at Alemany Farm.

Related to social justice, I began volunteering with Direct Action Everywhere (also known as DxE) this year. While primarily working for animal liberation, DxE is an intersectional, grass-roots organization which speaks out on behalf of all oppressed. I've taken photographs at DxE demonstrations, attended and presented at meetings, and have contributed several essays to the blog, The Liberationist. I'll write more about DxE in a future entry.

I did no paid photography work this year and made virtually no sales, and am still deciding whether or not to formally shut down Funcrunch Photo as a business.


In January I sang for a fun project, a 45-person collaborative song written by Jonathan Mann: On The Internet. That month I also started a cover-song-a-week project to monitor changes to my voice on testosterone, but unfortunately abandoned this in March, which is too bad as this year saw significant changes to my vocal range.

I sang in four concerts with the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. For our "Love Bites" Valentine's Day cabaret, I staged "This Plum Is Too Ripe" from The Fantastiks and sang a male lead part for the first time. In April and June I got to sing great jazz classics with a big band for our "Swing Break" concert and outreach gig. In June I sang in our Annual Pride Concert which featured the world premiere of a tribute to Nelson Mandela, and the West Coast premiere of a wonderful piece based on an interview with Maurice Sendak, "I Am In Love With The World".

I left the chorus in June, and my singing voice deteriorated soon after. I'm considering re-starting private voice lessons to get the middle part of my range (marked in red on this screenshot) back. I haven't played piano or bass much since leaving the chorus either, unfortunately.


I've now been on testosterone nearly a full year, and have suffered few side effects. I've been reasonably healthy, other than my traditional nasty December cold which I've been suffering from for the past week. My weight and waistline began and ended the year at 119 lbs (BMI 20.4) and approximately 27 inches, respectively, with very little fluctuation in-between.

I haven't been consistent with my formal workouts this year, though I've been getting some additional exercise through my volunteer gardening work. I did run two 5Ks (one with DSE, one virtual), one 10K, and one half-marathon this year, and set PRs at all of these distances. This marked the first year that I officially began racing as male.


I've made numerous new friends from my involvement in animal liberation, especially through DxE as they're headquartered in Oakland. I haven't sought any new intimate relationships and have done very little dating this year, though I did start a new OKCupid profile to see what it was like to date as a queer trans male. (In keeping with the policy I established last year, I won't write about any relationships with people other than boyziggy, even friendslocked.)

Looking forward

Except for Spanish (which I have been more diligent about studying this year, thanks to DuoLingo), I can pretty much copy and paste my words from last year's write-up:

I once again failed to accomplish my Big Three goals I've had for the last two years: "Making music every day, working out on a regular basis, and (re-)learning Spanish." (Well, I was definitely working out on a regular basis through June at least.) And I didn't even come close to my goal of getting rid of at least a third of my stuff. Gender angst almost completely took over my brain from Spring onward [...]

Fortunately, I have made some recent breakthroughs in therapy that might help me get through this slump. Regardless, I'm not making any new resolutions for next year as my goals remain the same. Here's hoping for a more productive 2015.