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Spent a good deal of this weekend lying on the couch, regrettably, feeling ill and depressed. My bass lesson was canceled for Fleet Week (jets flying over Fort Mason make it impossible to hear anything). At one point the jets flying by were so loud they set off car alarms. I found a Nintendo 64 emulator and copy of Super Mario online, and had some fun playing that.

boyziggy and mike20 convinced me to rouse myself in the evening to attend mikz's birthday party. We had fun, but I didn't get home till after 3:30 a.m., then stayed up another hour playing Mario, which pretty much killed Sunday. I had tentatively planned to go to Forbidden Island in Alameda on a tiki crawl with a co-worker in the afternoon, but was way too tired.

I did have long phone conversations with each of my parents today, in which I told them that I'm leaving my job at the end of this month (now official) and taking some time off. They were supportive. Ziggy came home and made us a quick dinner before going out again; I stayed home. Eventually I forced myself off the couch to do some laundry, load the dishwasher, and practice the bass.
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