Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Healthy November

On November 1 boyziggy and I plan to follow the 12-Day McDougall Program to get a fresh start on good health. I've adopted this very lowfat vegan lifestyle on and off in the past, and have always had good physical and mental results, but have had difficulty sticking to it as it works best when doing most of your own cooking. As November 1 signals the beginning of my extended time off from work, I will have lots more time to cook and shop, so this will be the perfect time to take the plunge.

We're already eating vegan at home, so the main changes will be the elimination of oils and high-fat plant products, caffeine, and alcohol. I decided to eliminate caffeine starting today so that in case I get withdrawal headaches, I don't have to deal with that while changing my diet at the same time. I'd only been drinking one cup of black tea on most days though, and had not been enjoying it as much lately, so I expect a smooth transition. Alcohol has never been an issue for me as I drink little. Tofu, nuts, and seeds will be more difficult to give up, but we can have them in limited amounts after the 12-day program and still stay on the diet plan.

I might also start jogging again. I'll need to do something for exercise since I won't be walking partway home from work anymore. Though I'll still get in over an hour when I go to my bass lessons on Saturdays, I should make sure to get some kind of aerobic exercise in at least five days a week. Being able to jog without having to get up at the crack of dawn to do it and still get to work on time, might make that option more appealing.

Looking forward to starting my new life on a positive, healthy note.
Tags: fitness, health, mcdougall

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