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Saturday day: Bass lesson. Admitted I'd barely practiced. Steve drilled me on ear training, intervals specifically. He gave me the URL of a really cool interactive interval training page which is on a site with other really cool music training tools. We went over my not-quite-finished God Bless the Child arrangement, which he basically rewrote because it was so bad. Hopefully after I'm done with all this work stress I'll get more serious about practicing again.

Saturday night: Went to Hotel Utah to see The Parson Red Heads with Mike F, mike20, and their friends. They were just as good as the last time I saw them (at Kimo's), and the drummer was as gorgeous as ever. I arrived in a bad mood, but felt better just listening to their music. I was tired after their set though, and didn't want to stay for the next two bands, so mike20 suggested that we (along with his friend) go to my place to watch Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, which we did. The Sarah Palin and Tina Fey sketches were great, but most of the rest of the show was awful, as I expected. It was nice to have company though.

Sunday: Rested, then helped clean house for the arrival of boyziggy's mother, who's visiting for a few days. She arrived just as I was leaving to do a photo shoot for a Blue Bear benefit concert, but I found when I got to the nearby venue that the show had been canceled. So we hung out at home, and I did some cooking: lentils and brown rice for lunch burritos.
Tags: bass, concert

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