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It occurs to me that this might be my last "weekend roundup" style post for awhile, as after this week I'll have a "life of Saturdays" for awhile, as my friend Matt C. put it. Though I don't really see it that way, as I'll have plenty to keep me busy. But anyhow.

Saturday I arrived at my bass lesson shortly before 11 to find that they thought I was supposed to start at 10:30, due to a miscommunication from the staff member who had asked that I switch my time to 11 permanently. My lesson time has changed so many times it's made my head spin. Next week I'll be back to 12:30 p.m., which at least means I'll be able to sleep in a bit more. Anyway, I did somewhat better this week as I managed to practice even during boyziggy's mother's visit. We had shown her the Funcrunch-the-band DVD and then struggled through "Edge of the Ocean" from that set, with me figuring out the bass riff on the spot. We also performed "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys", with Ziggy still complaining about the dominant 7th chords in the piano part, much to Steve's amusement when I told him.

After my lesson I tried to nap for a bit, but with the heat I had to keep the windows open and the noise from the cable car kept me awake. I then went to meet up with Mike F. at The Mint for karaoke for the first time in awhile. The air conditioning was refreshing, even though my voice was quite off. I managed to get through Genesis' "Abacab", Elton John's "Border Song", and CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". We were joined by Mike's friend Robin and a large group of her friends. All seemed to have a good time.

Afterward I grabbed a burrito at Azteca and then met up with jeremyrandall to go to a pool party in the East Bay. Ziggy joined us there later on. We had a good time, and I picked up a "No on Prop 8" sign to display in our window. I also saw my "ex aunt-in-law" Sally A., for the first time since my wedding to Ziggy I think. We've remained in communication even though her nephew Robert and I divorced years ago; it was good to touch base again.

Sunday I felt extremely tired, even though I got sufficient sleep. I might have still been suffering the effects of heat, not only from Saturday but from being out in the sun at a work outing all day Friday. I only managed to update my OKCupid profile, run the dishwasher, and enter receipts for the week into Quicken before collapsing on the couch. I did some reading and watched the first two seasons of "Are You Being Served". Ziggy came home and made us dinner, after which I finally roused myself and processed the photos from Friday's outing, which I've just uploaded to Flickr.

For Friday's shoot I used my two zoom lenses, leaving the primes at home since it was an exclusively outdoor shoot and I didn't need a wide aperture; in fact I shot mostly at f/8. Shooting at high noon is often not a recipe for good pictures, but I did get some interesting reflections off of the water at Mission Creek, where my team went kayaking. (Being a nonswimmer, I abstained.) It was interesting and bittersweet that this "teambuilding" exercise came one week before the last day of my job, while the previous such exercise, also at Mission Bay (but without the kayaking), came two weeks after I started. Much of the team remained the same, only two new people having started, and one was away at a wedding. I managed to have a reasonably good time despite forgetting to bring water or sunscreen. It's always good to get out of the office at any rate, though I suppose I needn't worry about that for much longer...
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