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McDougall Program Day 3 - the funcrunch files

Nov. 3rd, 2008 09:50 pm McDougall Program Day 3

Morning weight: Julie 143 lbs. boyziggy stayed over at a friend's and forgot to weigh in.

Julie breakfast: Brown rice with pumpkin-banana puree and a touch of maple syrup, vanilla rooibos tea with almond milk and sugar

Julie lunch: Rice and beans, lettuce and onions with oil-free vinaigrette

Julie snack: Banana, hot cocoa with almond milk and sugar

Julie dinner: Bean and corn soup, baked potato with cornmeal spread, couscous pudding with soymilk and honey

Ziggy food: Oatmeal with banana, apples, and almond milk, dates, beets and quinoa, pomegranate seeds, flaxseed crackers, tempeh bacon and broccoli over brown rice, carrot-apple-beet-ginger juice, couscous pudding

Julie exercise: Approx 40 min walk (~2.25 miles)

Feelings: Pretty good - a mid-morning dip in energy after arising at 6 a.m., but felt fine after a nap. Happy that inflectionpoint was eager to support Ziggy's diet while he visited with her, and my friend Kelly likewise volunteered to shop for and cook lowfat vegan food with me when I visit her for dinner later this week.

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