Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Program Day 5

Morning weight: Julie 141 1/2, Ziggy 192.

Julie breakfast: Brown rice with pureed banana, strawberries, and dates; herbal tea with sugar and almond milk

Ziggy breakfast: Wheatgrass-pineapple-blueberry juice

Julie lunch: Lentils with lettuce, tomatoes, and green onions; corn muffin

Ziggy lunch: Soup, corn muffins

Julie snacks: Leftover rice with fruit; several cups of herbal tea; hot cocoa

Ziggy snacks: Carrot-apple-beet-ginger juice

Julie dinner: Baby carrots; steamed asparagus; steamed broccoli; corn-quinoa and brown rice pastas with tomato sauce; mixed greens with cherry tomatoes

Ziggy dinner: Veggie chicken noodle soup; bread

Julie exercise: Approx 30 min walking, including a very steep hill

Feelings: Not feeling great today, mentally or physically. Depressed about Prop 8, and have menstrual cramps and sniffles; spent much of the day on the couch drinking tea. Happy that my weight loss is going much faster than expected (3 1/2 pounds in four days), though it's likely just water weight. I'm liking eating till I'm full and not feeling deprived. Also happy to make and share a healthy dinner tonight with my friend Kelly who lives over the hill from me.
Tags: fitness, health, mcdougall

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