Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Program Day 6

Morning weights: Julie 141, Ziggy 192

Julie breakfast: Oatmeal with banana, strawberries, and almond milk; herbal tea with sugar and almond milk

Ziggy breakfast: Oatmeal; herbal juice concentrate; pineapple

Julie lunch: Lettuce, tomatoes, and onions with oil-free vinaigrette; lentils and brown rice

Ziggy lunch: Lentils; split pea soup; wheat bread

Julie snacks: Herbal tea; grapefruit

Ziggy snacks: Carrot juice; herbal tea with sugar and almond milk; black bean soup

Julie dinner: Whole wheat pasta baked with kidney beans and tomatoes; whole wheat toast with cornmeal spread

Ziggy dinner: Lentils and bagel; bagel with strawberry jam

Feelings: Pretty blah and lazy most of the day; didn't get energized till late afternoon when I did some cleaning and cooking finally. Still feeling good about the diet, and enjoying being able to set my own schedule.
Tags: health, mcdougall

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