Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Program Day 9

Morning weights: Julie 141, Ziggy 191

Breakfast for both: Oatmeal masa porridge with almond milk and applesauce; herbal and decaf tea with sugar and almond milk

Julie lunch: Baked yam; spinach

Ziggy lunch: Salad with greens, quinoa, veggie salami, and avocado; tea

Snack for both: Homemade apple cider

Ziggy snack: Oatmeal

Dinner for both: Quinoa salad with beans, corn, green onions, and tomatoes; sweet potato biscuits (with applesauce and almond milk in place of oil and margarine)

Julie exercise: Approx 40 min walking (shopping, errands)

Ziggy exercise: Approx 30 min walk home from work

Feelings: I felt really good today. Slept well, didn't need a nap. Really loved the food I made for lunch and dinner; baking the yams rather than microwaving them greatly improved the flavor, and the quinoa salad tasted even better than the last time I made it, as I used salsa instead of vinaigrette for the dressing. The biscuits were modified from a recipe that had a lot of fat, so I wasn't sure if they'd come out hard as a brick, but they were actually still moist and delicious. And I've got a very tasty apple rice dish in the oven right now that we'll have for breakfast tomorrow.

Ziggy's still cheating on the diet a bit as he's getting over a cold, but he's feeling much better tonight. It was fun making the apple juice for the cider with him; he bought a fancy juicer some time ago that you can drop whole apples into and it extracts the juice and ejects the rest. He often makes vegetable and veggie-fruit juice combinations with it to take to work with him. Ziggy's definitely much more into raw vegetables than I am, which is probably why I'm enjoying this primarily starch-based diet more than he is. But we're both losing weight, and the break from caffeine (though he hasn't been able to stick to that entirely) is doing us both good. My Irish Breakfast blend didn't even taste right when I tried a decaf version of it this morning (though I've made it decaf in the past without noticing a difference in flavor); I'm going to stick to herbal and rooibos for the time being.
Tags: fitness, health, mcdougall

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