Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Lovely Thanksgiving, and Buy Nothing Day

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with boyziggy and inflectionpoint. We had everything on the menu I posted, except for the sparkling cider and Silk Nog, as we had mead and a ridiculously tasty raspberry lambic, both courtesy of our lovely guest. I used the Silk Nog to make vegan French toast this morning - yum.

Before cooking I started the morning off with a run to Aquatic Park, shaving a minute off my time from Tuesday (still a slow 14 1/2 min/mile). I got impatient waiting for the cable car and walked back, which took about 20 minutes including a very steep hill; other than the hill, I walked briskly most of the way. Then after a short rest I did my stretches and crunches, showered, and watched a bit of the Macy's parade, unfortunately missing the live Rickroll. Then it was cooking and cleaning the rest of the day till dinnertime.

After dinner we watched the WALL-E DVD. I do love that film, and inflectionpoint hadn't seen it yet, so it was a special treat to share. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving as well.

As long as I'm on the subject of WALL-E: I will not be doing any shopping today, in honor of Buy Nothing Day. I don't do any holiday shopping anymore anyway; I neither give nor expect any holiday presents or even cards. I am not Christian and do not celebrate Christmas. I am ethnically half-Jewish but do not celebrate Hanukkah either. Nor do I feel a responsibility to help out our economy by participating in "Black Friday". For a sobering illustration of consumer demand gone very, very wrong, check out this article.
Tags: fitness

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