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Chilly walk - the funcrunch files

Dec. 7th, 2008 09:25 pm Chilly walk

I was feeling melancholy this morning and couldn't bring myself to go out on a morning run. But I knew that I was going to the Bazaar Café this evening to see laughingstone and euneeblic perform. According to Google Maps, the distance was four miles. So what the hell, I walked the whole way. Briskly, because it was brisk out! And also to keep up my heart rate, so that I got a proper workout. I made one stop, to visit a friend who lives a few blocks from the café. The total time in transit was an hour and ten minutes - not bad for a four-mile walk.

The concert was good - Molly and Bill are both fine musicians and songwriters. And the food was good too - vegan tomato-tahini-tofu soup and apple cider, just right to ward off the chill in the air.

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