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Friday was boyziggy's birthday. We went to Ananda Fuara to pick up the vegan strawberry cake he'd asked me to order, and had a yummy lunch while we were there. That evening I made veggie pot pies and we had a friend of Ziggy's over to enjoy those and the cake.

Saturday morning was my usual bass lesson. I'd stayed up way too late the night before playing Nethack, but struggled through the pretty solo bass etude Steve wrote, plus a song I'm working on for our upcoming workshop. Ziggy, my friend/former co-worker Jason, and I will be in Steve's basic rock workshop beginning January 13, with a performance at Cafe du Nord on March 30, 31, or April 1. I'll hopefully also have a short recital one of those three days with me on bass and vocals, Steve on guitar, and my jazz teacher Jim on sax - stay tuned.

Steve gave me a ride home since I was his last lesson of the day, which was much appreciated so I could get in a longer nap. That evening Ziggy and I headed to Sacramento for his annual laser tag birthday party (photo here). The last two years we went to Fairfield, but the employees there were lame and rude, saying they were closed when we had a reservation (though we convinced them to stay open), so Ziggy wanted to make the trek to a different arena this time. Scheduling conflicts and distance prevented many friends from attending, but we did bring saizai, gtonizuka, Brad, and Will. Ziggy called up a local pizza place in advance to see if they would put shredded soy cheese we were bringing along on the pizza, and they agreed. It was a bit strong as all they had at the store that day was Gouda, but a nice contrast with the sundried tomatoes. We also brought the rest of the cake.

The experience was very good, especially for Ziggy. The owners of the arena were very into the game, not just bored employees like at the Fairfield arena. We got unlimited games, and they even stayed open a half hour past the midnight closing time, which was great since we got there late. Ziggy was very happy and definitely wants to go there again.

Sunday I had too little sleep once again, having not gotten home from Sacramento till nearly 3 a.m. But we really wanted to see Milk since it was only at the Castro for a couple more days and we were leaving town Monday. (We had tentatively planned to see it the previous Saturday, but I was ill.) So we managed to get there in time for the 1 p.m. matinee. The line wrapped all the way around to the parking lot behind the building, but we got in. It was a wonderful experience. I was moved nearly to tears just watching the scenes of my adopted home, San Francisco. I feel very proud to live here.

When we got home I grabbed a quick nap and then we went out to see my voice teacher Vicki Burns give what may be her final Bay Area performance, at Cafe Royale, not far from us. She sang beautifully, and ended on my request for a Thelonious Monk tune: 'Round Midnight. I wish her great success in her travels.

I stayed up till midnight packing, then grabbed a few hours of sleep while Ziggy continued to pack and make other preparations for our trip. When I got up at 4 he was still up. Our taxi for the airport arrived at 6, and we're now sitting at the gate at SFO. The plane is here but the flight is delayed. I'm not stressed about it. Looking forward to a pleasant visit with our friends and family back East.
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