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DC-Pittsburgh trip days 1-3

It's late but I feel compelled to write at least a bit about our trip since my Internet access might be spotty for the next few days. (Photos for the impatient.)

We arrived in the DC area on Monday afternoon. boyziggy's sister Signy picked us up at the airport with her two kids, Lee and Kay, the younger of whom I had not yet met. They are three and four years old and both love the airport. Clearly they take after their uncle Ziggy. We went to Signy's house, and collapsed only a few hours later, having had very little sleep the night before or on the plane.

The next day was quite full. We first had lunch with Ziggy's friend Jessica and her husband Matt. Then we went to a music store Ziggy located to rent an electric bass, since it would have cost a fortune in oversized luggage fees to bring mine along on this trip. Then we visited with Ziggy's father and younger sister. After we had a stop at the mall, a good Indian dinner, and finally visited with Ziggy's friend Andrew, where we played with his six cats and also played Guitar Hero. From my very limited experience, I think I like Rock Band better.

Today I slept in for a long time, then we spent most of the day at Signy's. I played my bass for her and the kids, and found some free Christmas sheet music on the web to print out for later that night. We also got a digital piano Ziggy ordered for the kids. In fact, we got two, because he had ordered it two-day shipping, but it got sent ground shipping and we thought it wouldn't arrive till 12/29, so he had them send a second one next-day air, and of course then both arrived on 12/24. Rather than return the extra one as he'd planned, generous Ziggy decided to give it to the kids of another friend in the area.

Before we headed to that friend's though, we cooked dinner for Signy's family while they were out: peanut butter pasta, which has always been a hit with our guests. Then the kids got to unwrap some of their presents early, while Ziggy's Mom watched from Vermont via iChat. Gotta love technology, though my arms are sore from aiming and balancing the laptop, which makes for a very un-ergonomic video camera. I was hoping to play some music after, especially since another relative stopped by with his electric guitar, but we had to get to Ziggy's other friend's before it was too late. I'm glad we visited, because I definitely enjoyed their company. His friend is vegan and his wife is my doppelganger. Their kids were cute and well-behaved too.

Tomorrow we'll open the rest of the presents, hopefully play and sing some of those carols I printed out, then go to Ziggy's father's for a gathering. From there we'll drive to Pittsburgh, and spend the next few days with my Mom, returning to DC for New Year's Eve. Cross your fingers for me that the neighbors have open wifi, because my Mom refuses to join the modern world and get Internet access...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Belated Solstice to those who celebrate any of the above!
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