Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

DC-Pittsburgh trip days 7-8

Yesterday we slept in quite late, then my Mom entertained boyziggy and embarrassed me by playing a lot of audio tapes from my childhood. Afterward we were going to go out shopping and to a movie, but I felt a possible cold coming on so opted to stay home. I played piano a bit, watched Ratatouille on DVD with Ziggy (wonderful film, just as everyone has said), then several episodes of House which I'd never seen but heard was good; it was fairly enjoyable.

Today we got up around 10 and I was feeling better, so Ziggy convinced me to go out for another jog. It was sunny but only 30 degrees out. I layered a sweatshirt and T-shirt over my sports bra as before, and added gloves to my knit cap. My ears got a bit cold so I pulled the cap down over them, but after that I warmed up quickly. I tried a different trail in Frick Park but it ended up being only a quarter-mile long, so I went on another trail and ultimately into the cemetery adjacent to the park. I was very pleased with how well my shoes stood up to the rocky, damp trails in the park and choppy asphalt in the cemetery. Called it quits and returned to the park entrance in 27 minutes; probably won't bother to try to calculate the distance.

After shower and breakfast we headed to Monroeville Mall. I never got around to stocking up on socks and underwear at Mervyn's going out of business sale, and was not sure it would still be going on when we get back in town, so Ziggy suggested I buy some here in PA since there's no tax on clothing. I hate shopping, but agreed that I also needed a swimsuit as the hotel we'll be staying at in DC later this week has a pool, and I'll need one for Costa Rica in February as well. JCPenny's had a good sale and I got several pairs of pants and tops, elated that the size 12 jeans I initially tried on were too large, so I got size 10. (Yes I know women's clothing sizes are inconsistent and stupid, but I was still excited.)

I ended up looking at swimsuits at Macy's, and most of them were either ugly or over $100 or both. I decided to be brave and try on a bikini, even though I don't have anywhere close to a flat stomach. I decided that I looked good enough in it to justify the rather pricey purchase, especially when I remembered I had an unused $25 gift card. If nothing else, this should keep me from slacking off on my diet and exercise too much, as I'm sure I won't fit into it if I gain more than a pound.

We then went to a vegetarian coffeehouse in Garfield Ziggy found, The Quiet Storm. The food was very good, vegan-friendly, and Ziggy enjoyed having a weird drink: root beer espresso. The tofu fingers with vegan ranch dressing were very yummy, and Mom enjoyed her flatbread with mozzarella. We got vegan cupcakes and brownies to go.

Tonight Ziggy went out to play laser tag while I practiced the bass and showed Mom how to use the video mode on the camera I bought her. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow yet, but it will be the last full day in Pittsburgh before we return to DC for New Year's Eve.
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