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I've been watching Telefutura, one of the very few channels we can get without adjusting the rooftop antenna. I took Spanish for four years in middle and high school but now remember very little of it, and have an especially hard time understanding the spoken language. So I decided to start jotting down unfamiliar words and looking them up. I read about an French actor who taught himself English mostly by watching shows like Oprah, so I figure it's worth a shot. (The mermaid in Splash learned English this way too :-) .) I have an added incentive in that boyziggy's father has offered us use of his timeshare in Mexico for our honeymoon.

I've been watching mostly 100 Mexicanos Dijeron ("One Hundred Mexicans Said"), the Mexican version of Family Feud. I've picked up from context words and phrases like muestre me ("show me"), las respuestas ("answers"), el tablero ("board"), la encuesta ("survey"), and muerte subita ("sudden death" - well I already remembered what muerte meant anyway). The audience also chants sí se puede ("yes you can") quite a lot. Though the speech goes so fast that I can only understand maybe 10% of it spoken, I can read probably close to 50% of the answers once they're posted to the board, and then try to figure out what the question was if I didn't understand it in the first place. It's sort of fun.

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