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Friday I had a nice evening with jeremyrandall. Saturday afternoon was my usual bass lesson. I hadn't practiced all week, but we spent most of the lesson working out a chart for "Wooly Bully" which my drummer friend Jason wants to do; the bass tabs he'd forwarded weren't accurate enough for Steve's liking. Our band workshop starts Tuesday so I need to get more serious about practicing...

Saturday evening I met up with obadiah and Nanette at Borderlands Books in the Mission. Their neat Sphynx cat Ripley was there, and as a surprise, they had two more. I played with one of them, "Ash", and after wrestling with my arm and biting my hand for awhile, she trusted me enough to let me pick her up and hold her. Have you ever held a Sphynx cat?? The Borderlands site describes the feeling as like a "suede hot water bottle", and warm to the touch. That's pretty accurate. I pressed my cheek against Ash, and she felt really warm and nice.

The three of us then went out to dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant. I exercised restraint and ordered only a spinach-lentil dish (dal saag); no fried samosas, no buttery naan, no mango lassi, and no gulab jamun (though that's my favorite dessert on Earth). Afterward we went to Writers With Drinks, where obadiah's friend Steve was reading. Unfortunately it was insanely crowded, with no seats left by the time we arrived, so I excused myself after Steve's reading (which was an entertaining bit of sci-fi erotica).

I'd earlier gotten an invite to my friend/former co-worker Rich's place for mulled cider, so I stopped by for a visit. I enjoyed hanging out with his friends, including the members of the band The Final Frontiersmen who I'd seen perform at Rich's birthday concert. I also chatted with another UCSF employee who had liked my photos from our team-building event, and might be interested in using more of my photography in the future. I came home from the party not too late, but stayed up later playing Nethack.

Today I ran along the Embarcadero, did my bi-weekly hair treatment and touched up the roots, talked with Mom on the phone, napped, played more Nethack, and practiced bass a little. Nothing terribly productive. Dentist appointment and lunch with davidhanddotnet tomorrow. boyziggy comes home from his Montana ski trip tomorrow afternoon, yay!
Tags: bass, fitness, photography

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