Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's run, plus fitness progress

Decided it was time to deviate a bit from my usual routes. Ran up Hyde to Aquatic Park, but then instead of out to the end of the pier I ran up McDowell Road to Fort Mason, then back home along my usual walking route from there, Van Ness to Polk and then Pacific. Despite avoiding the very steep Hyde Street hill on the return, the route had more elevation than I'm used to, which may partially account for the very slow pace: 2.8 miles in 44 minutes, 15.6 minutes/mile. Definitely winded and feeling a bit of soreness in my muscles after.

I've been sticking more closely to the McDougall diet even though I'm not trying to follow it strictly anymore; I just feel better the more lowfat whole vegan foods I eat. I haven't managed to avoid stepping on the scale despite knowing that the information it provides is only of limited use. As of today I weigh 138 pounds, well on my way to my Feb 1 goal of 135 and ultimate goal of 125. I just started using a cute diet ticker in my signatures on the McDougall discussion board.

I also found through that message board a cool open-source program called CRON-O-Meter which provides comprehensive tracking of nutrients through USDA data. I'm not monitoring carbs/protein/fat, but it's useful to see how I'm doing on vitamins and minerals, since I don't take any supplements other than B12 (and occasional extra Vitamin C when I'm sick). If the source numbers and my reporting for the last couple of days are accurate, I've been eating fewer than 1200 calories a day, but not feeling hungry or deprived, despite getting over 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day as well. I'm also drinking a lot more water, partially because of the warm weather, which helps.
Tags: fitness

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