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Paul and Storm were awesome Saturday night. Very funny, even though I'd seen them perform most of the same songs last year. When did Paul give up "playing" the guitar? Jonathan Coulton was also awesome, especially when he played Mr. Fancypants on his weird gadget and Rickrolled himself. (JoCo, no one cares that you screwed up the Presidents song twice in a row, you're still adorable!) Leo Laporte was standing a couple spots behind us in line to get in, which was triply awesome. (I'd met him twice before and didn't introduce myself this time since I didn't want to admit I haven't been keeping up with his podcasts lately...) boyziggy enjoyed the evening as well, despite not feeling well. Even though we'd planned to not have drinks since we had indulged the night before, we couldn't resist getting a couple of cocktails, especially as two of them were paid for by a group in exchange for trading seats so they could sit together at the sold-out venue.

Josh Kornbluth's new monologue, Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, was very good on Sunday night. I got there too late to see the exhibit the show was about before the museum closed, unfortunately. Also unfortunately, Ziggy had a late last-minute gig and couldn't make the show, but mike20 joined me and enjoyed it. The monologue and the dialogue with a rabbi after had an interesting discussion about Martin Buber, whose writings I may need to investigate further. Apparently Josh is coming out with a movie version of Love and Taxes, which is great as that's probably my second-favorite of his monologues, after Red Diaper Baby, which Josh told me should be coming out on DVD Very Soon Now.

Today I was feeling very irritable, and not sure why. Don't think it was caffeine withdrawal as I didn't have a headache, and it's not That Time of the Month. Anyway, I managed to work on some music, transcribing the intro (for Ziggy) to the Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place" which we're supposed to work on in class tomorrow, and practicing that and the Youngbloods' "Let Get Together" with Ziggy. Later I practiced other songs that I may do in a recital later this year. I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself and get something productive done, though I did indulge in a bit of dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream, and we also watched the first two episodes of House.

I also signed up for both the 5K component of the San Francisco Marathon in July, and Bay to Breakers (a 12K race) in May. I wasn't going to do the latter until I talked with inki and some others at the Poly Under 40 gathering tonight, and found that there was a 12 min/mile pace group. I think I can handle that; 90 minutes for a 7 1/2 mile run. That will also make it more likely I'll do the 12K in the Bridge to Bridge run in October rather than the shorter version I did a few years back.

I was planning to get up extra-early tomorrow to run before watching the inauguration festivities, until I found out that they start at 7 a.m. PST, and I'm not willing to get up at 5 and run in the dark. So I'll have to run in the afternoon, which means not eating for at least two hours before as based on experience I will be in trouble otherwise. No sweat, it will be worth it, especially as Ziggy will be watching with me; his boss originally scheduled work until he realized the conflict and thankfully rescheduled. Whatever your politics (and mine are far more radical than Obama's, as most of my friends know), there's no denying that tomorrow marks a significant historic occasion.
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