Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Musings on running

I can't sleep, and am reviewing my posts from 2005, the last year I made a serious effort to run. I ran two 5Ks and a 7K that year, but with very slow times, and quit before the half-marathon that I had been training for.

Why am I doing so much better this time around? Two obvious reasons:

- I'm not working. Getting plenty of sleep and not having any excuses to miss runs means I'm training more consistently and in a more relaxed fashion, and getting in the good post-run breakfasts and stretching I'd neglected in the past.

- I weigh 20 pounds less. Carrying around that much extra weight had to impact my abilities.

I still have a ways to go to equal or surpass my race times from 1998-2000, but I'm optimistic. I just hope I don't slack off this time around, either once I go back to regular employment or for any other reason. My health is too important.
Tags: fitness

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