Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


I went out mid-morning today to go on a five-mile run. Before I even got to the start, I tripped while hopping up on a curb and scraped a nice swath of skin off of my left knee. I entertained the thought of running anyway, until I saw the extent of the damage, and felt the growing pain. Hobbled to the bus stop, rode home and applied disinfectant and triple antibiotic ointment, further disinfecting and bandaging when boyziggy returned home from work with fresh medical supplies.

"Tis only a flesh wound"* but this still sucks; I'm in pain and probably won't be able to resume running (or even walking at normal speed) for at least another day. I consoled myself with some junk food today, but will have to start eating more healthily again tomorrow, or I'll gain back those hard-lost pounds.

* No, I'm not posting photos. I know some people post photos of their injuries, but that frankly squicks me.
Tags: fitness, health

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