Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Run to the Palace

Today I did my planned run to the Palace of Fine Arts and back. I really didn't feel like getting up this morning, having stayed up late processing photos and feeling melancholy despite having fun at a brunch and party yesterday (more on those later). I finally dragged myself out around 10:30.

I took a slightly different route than planned, but it ended up being more scenic, if a bit hillier and shorter. Had aches and cramps and complaints for much of the run, but didn't once think about quitting. Seeing the beauty of the Palace of Fine Arts lake and rotunda, with the swans gliding majestically and night herons perched in the trees, made it all worth it. Did the 9/1 run/walk intervals, except for the steepest part of Hyde Street coming back where I was forced to a slow walk for about 4-5 minutes. Got stuck at several traffic lights along the way as well.

Total time: 84 minutes for 5.83 miles, for a slow 14.4 minute/mile pace. The Galloway run/walk method I'm following recommends going two minutes per mile slower than race pace on long runs anyway, so I guess that's OK; hopefully by May I'll be able to do 12 minute miles at Bay to Breakers.
Tags: fitness

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