Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Birthday '09

Yesterday I had a birthday party at The Mint Karaoke Lounge, where I've celebrated five of my last six birthdays. The bar was nearly empty owing to Super Bowl Sunday, which was great. I did throw in an obligatory "Go Steelers!" before one of my songs, since they're my home team and all, but few of my friends have any interest in pro sports.

I sang my usual warmup "Abacab", followed by "Border Song", "New York State of Mind", and "Overjoyed". I did surprisingly well on the last two, considering I haven't sung much lately; I concentrated on opening my mouth wide to produce better sound. It also didn't hurt that I didn't drink too much alcohol at the party.

I was tired and not terribly hungry; a couple pieces of sushi and one piece of cake were more than sufficient after the brunch we went to earlier. I couldn't even finish the various drinks boyziggy got me, though they were tasty. I guess it's a good sign that my taste buds are changing that the cherry coke I got as a treat didn't taste nearly as good as I thought it would.

I enjoyed spending time with my friends that came, and several sang, including inflectionpoint who chose Madonna's "Open Your Heart" for her first karaoke experience, Mike F who sang the beautiful Luther Vandross song "A House is Not a Home" especially for me, nisaa who got us all in a rousing chorus of "That's Amore", zyxwvut who in addition to singing solo and duet got a bunch of us on stage to back up the KJ singing "American Pie", and riseorbleed who did a scarily, wickedly good rendition of Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes". Ziggy and I took lots of photos.

My actual birthday is tomorrow. I'm feeling melancholy about it. Doesn't seem possible that I'm turning 39 already...
Tags: singing

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