Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Adventure in Costa Rica, Day 3

(Written offline on Friday night, Feb 6.)

Friday morning we again arose around 6:15-6:30, showered and breakfasted (I tried hash browns this time, which were not as good as I'd hoped, but the tamale and pineapple were very tasty), then went to the dive shop to go out on a boat trip. I was nervous since I don't swim, but we made sure I got a lifejacket. We had to go on a small "pontoon" boat just to get to the dive boat, and the waves were very choppy near the shore. boyziggy had taken a Dramamine but I hadn't; as we rocked on the waves I said "I actually feel fine; I'm glad that we're doing this."

Then the engine roared and the boat started going fast. Really fast. I clutched onto Ziggy for dear life, but eventually relaxed and enjoyed the trip. We were sitting in the covered part of the boat, and it was tilted upwards so we didn't get splashed much, which was good as I had my camera and Ziggy had brought the camcorder as well. We had about eight passengers and three crew on our boat; everyone except me planned to go swimming and most of them planned to snorkel as well. We saw a dolphin briefly but no other wildlife other than birds while we were out on the open water.

We arrived at the beach where we to drop anchor along with the other boat on this trip. We couldn't drop anchor for some reason so they just let people off and the boat kept moving around a bit. I didn't mind; I shot video and took photos, then eventually lay down for a nap. Ziggy came back first as he'd sprained his calf muscle. He said the water was cold and he had trouble breathing with the snorkel, but he'd seen a whole school of rays and a baby sea turtle. The others came back to the boat, and we were offered water and fresh fruit. We were going to make another stop, but no one wanted to go back in the cold water, so we returned to the resort.

As it was too early for lunch, Ziggy went to try to get online; Internet access had been offline for quite awhile yesterday, which was annoying as he was trying to make an important phone call over Skype. I went out to the pool and lounged in my bikini; no one else was around. Eventually I hiked up the hill to meet Ziggy and go to lunch; again I tried to have different foods from before, I don't remember all that I tried. I then went back to the room and crashed for awhile, Ziggy doing the same soon after. We got back out around 5:30 to walk on the beach and take photos at sunset.

Dinner was at 7 again; we got there a bit early, while Dr. McDougall was still giving a lecture. It ended up being on the exact same topic we'd just seen on video at the McDougall brunch, so we didn't feel guilty for missing it. We chatted with others before and during dinner, which included wonton soup (yum) and some kind of sweet squash dish which was very tasty. I had several different desserts at both lunch and dinner today; all were fabulous. Then we had musical entertainment, which we'd also had the previous two nights, but this time I got up to dance. We even did a conga line at one point. Good times.

Now we're back in our room relaxing and watching a bit of TV, at least until the electricity goes out again (knock on wood). Tomorrow we had a river rafting trip scheduled for our group but we let the tour director know we were skipping it; I told Ziggy I didn't mind if he went without me but he said he just wanted to relax here with me. There are three other trips scheduled, two of which I want to do for sure and one, the tree canopy zipline tour, I haven't decided on yet...
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