Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Adventure in Costa Rica, Day 4

(Written offline Sunday morning and afternoon, Feb 8)

Saturday I went out around 6:45 for a short, 20-minute jog along the beach. It was definitely a nice change of scenery from the streets of San Francisco. I'm glad I got out early before the tide came in and the sun beat down, not that I had a choice as breakfast ends at 8:15 each morning. I returned, roused boyziggy, showered, and we hiked up the hill in time to eat.

We sat at a table with the McDougalls and the tour director, Tiffany, and her boyfriend. Ziggy asked for advice on what to do in San Jose on the last day of our trip; they recommended museums and an open-air market, and avoiding the downtown area at night. I asked Dr. McD if there was anything I could help do to spread his message career-wise since I was in between jobs. He suggested a writing opportunity which I will definitely look into. We also talked about the Atkins and Fuhrman diets. McD had caused a bit of controversy by doing publicity over the true cause of Atkins' death, and the fact that he had atherosclerosis. As for Fuhrman, McD said Fuhrman admitted he couldn't even follow his own recommendation to eat two pounds of greens a day (I tried and failed to stick to his diet on three separate occasions, myself). I also told McD about The Biggest Loser and Diet Tribe, the crass product placement on the former and the bad nutritional advice on both.

Mary McD said we have 78 guests this year, down significantly from last year, obviously due to the economy. It's still a good crowd, and we meet and talk with different people every day.

After breakfast we went to the beach. The water was cold so we didn't spend much time wading in it. We went to the pool afterward, which was warmer. It was fun and confidence-building to wear my new bikini out in public, though I still would prefer to go nude :-P

We had lunch - lasagna, mashed cassava (yum), and bunch of other things - then relaxed in the hotel for awhile. At the late afternoon snack, I violated my caffeine-free week with a cup of English Breakfast tea. We then went to McDougall's lecture, which was on the problems with dairy products. Again old news for me, but good to get the reinforcement. McD noted that when he gave this lecture last year, someone got so angry at the misinformation spread by the dairy industry that he went outside and punched a tree.

Before dinner Ziggy wanted to go get the camera to try some night shots. As we walked down to our room we saw a yellow school bus filled with kids going up the hill. This was a bit of a jarring sight as it was a Saturday night in Costa Rica and I was seeing a yellow bus that said School Bus, in English. Anyway Ziggy joked that they would be our entertainment for the evening. This turned out not to be a joke, as they were dancers from a local school. Very cute kids, colorful costumes, and some good dancing and music. I took lots of photos, though wished I had grabbed the 30/1.4 when went to the room as it was very dark on the outdoor patio. Between the darkness and the extra-strong piña colada I had at dinner, I hope at least some of the photos are usable...
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